After heated campaign, finish line in sight


The U.S. Senate seat on Indiana’s ballot is being pursued by three candidates.


Incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly is being challenged for the position by Republican Mike Braun and Libertarian Lucy Brenton.

All Indiana voters going to the polls will participate in this election, as the seat, which is on the ballot every six years, represents the entire state.

Braun, 64, of Jasper, is the president and CEO of Meyer Distributing. He has served on the Greater Jasper Consolidated School Board and in the Indiana House of Representatives before deciding to pursue the U.S. Senate position.

“I’m a job creator and a political outsider,” he said. “I’m running for this because I’m fed up with business as usual in Washington, D.C.”

Braun said he wants to tackle the costs associated with health care.

“I want to make sure that when we repeal Obamacare, we replace it with something that is good, that definitely covers pre-existing conditions, that has no cap on coverage, and that we do it affordably,” he said. “The Democrats tried to do it, but they didn’t pay attention to cost. That’s why it is falling apart.”

He also wants to make sure the current tax reforms for businesses also benefit those who work for those businesses. “That’s something that’s already done. But it’s something that I will be encouraging as a conservative, that other business owners do the same,” he said. “I want to make permanent the features that work, so that enterprisers can keep more of their own resources, and then invest that into their employees.

“Don’t look to the federal government to try to fix things,” Braun said. “That is a broken system.”

He also wants to improve infrastructure across the country. “I want to make sure that infrastructure is as good across the nation as it is in Indiana,” he said. “We can articulate what we do here to put funding together, to start rebuilding our roads and bridges.”

He would see it as an honor to serve Indiana in the U.S. Congress.

“Career politicians say one thing and do another,” Braun said. “Running for the Senate should be something that you do to bring something to the table. When you send me there, you can count on me to stand up for Hoosier values.”

Braun and his wife, Maureen, have four children and two grandchildren. More information about Braun can be found at

Brenton, of Fishers, is vice president of finance and sales for TieDye Digital. She has been involved in finance since 1996, and studied economics and French at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

“I am running for United States Senate to bring American sensibilities to Capitol Hill,” she said. “We must return to Constitutional values and force politicians to respect and abide by the restrictions on the government written into the Constitution. Our children and grandchildren deserve to grow up in a country that respects the rule of law, where politicians can’t make laws that further erode our rights.”

The first thing Brenton will work on in Congress is to “call for the repeal of every unconstitutional law in this country,” she said.

“The Constitution limits the federal government, although you wouldn’t know it the way politicians wantonly pass legislation for their corporate donors, which hurts the common man,” she added.

She will also demand that wars end. “Bring our men and women back home to their families and have the troops guarding our borders, protecting our people,” she said. “I will fight for the rights of Hoosiers and all Americans to keep the government off your back, out of your bedroom and their hands off your wallet.”

Brenton said she is very capable of handling the congressional position.

“I am more qualified than my opponents for this office, because I have never raised taxes on a fellow American, and never will,” she said. “I have not taken a single dime from a corporation, and am the only candidate in this race free from corporate influence, the only one that can stand up for all Hoosiers. I am running to make sure your children, and mine, grow up in a country that is truly free with equal opportunity to all.

“I am the only candidate that will fight for all of your rights, all of the time,” Brenton said. “I am the only candidate that wants to keep the government from trying to control your body and your pocketbook.”

Brenton and her husband, Dorn, have 10 children and two grandchildren. More information about her campaign can be found at www.lucyfor

Donnelly, 63, of Granger, has served as U.S. Senator since 2013.

“I understand what it means to be a Hoosier: a commitment to family, faith and hard work,” he said. “As our state’s hired help in the Senate, I work for Indiana, not any politician or political party. I bring a bipartisan, commonsense voice to Washington that’s helped me enact 45 of my legislative proposals into law, including 23 since the start of the Trump Administration. I’m focused on finding bipartisan solutions that will grow Indiana’s middle class.”

Donnelly’s top priorities are jobs, health care and addressing the opioid crisis.

“As I travel around the state, Hoosiers tell me that their biggest concern is jobs,” he said. “Far too often we’ve seen companies close and jobs move to foreign countries, devastating communities and families. I’ve tackled this issue head on by introducing the End Outsourcing Act, which would create new incentives to stop companies from sending jobs to foreign countries, and I’ve been fighting for investments in infrastructure, especially rural broadband, so businesses have what they need to outcompete global competitors.”

Health care access is also a top issue, Donnelly said. “Fifty-nine Hoosier counties are considered underserved for primary health care,” he said, “and we know just how important access to a family doctor can be when it comes to attracting businesses and families into an area. We need to preserve access to affordable health care. Our system isn’t perfect, but I’m working with members of both parties to keep costs down and improve the system, not dismantle it.

“The lack of health care access also impacts our ability to respond to the challenges of the opioid epidemic,” he added.

Donnelly said his record speaks to his service to Indiana.

“I’m the only candidate in this race whom voters can trust to put Indiana first,” he said.

Donnelly and his wife, Jill, have two children. More information on Donnelly’s campaign can be found at


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