Adult cheering sections important at high schools

To the editor:

I am sorry that I am late with this letter, but as it’s been said, better late than never.

Mr. Ebenkamp was a great man! The late Francis Ebenkamp and I had this in common, he, a great adult cheerleader for the Jasper Wildcats and I, being nicknamed “Super Commodore” about 50 years ago at Perry Central High School. In 2014, Coach Matt Carter and the team presented me with an autographed basketball after the co-captains helped me through “the hoop.” I’ll treasure that basketball forever; one of those co-captains named me a “True Super Commodore.”

I originally submitted my application for a teaching position at Jasper High School, being a Jasper resident, but another business teacher was not needed at that time.

Eventually, the Perry Central superintendent hired me. I became the chairman of the Perry Central business department.

I didn’t get to play basketball in high school as my late father, Albert Schnell, needed me to work on the farm. So, later, I faithfully bounced into becoming a supporter of the Perry Central Commodores.

The cheering sections play a very important role for the high school athletes.

I like the part when the losers congratulate the winners, friendly competition, great sportsmanship!

Yes, Mr. Ebenkamp was a real trooper when it came to backing the teams!

God Bless, Mr. Cheerleader Ebenkamp!

—Charles “Tex” Schnell

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