Act of kindness should inspire us to also be kind

To the editor:

Several weeks ago I spent a snowy Saturday in Huntingburg watching my son’s fourth-grade Jeeps team play in a basketball tournament. Between games we went to the Subway for supper. A family of four was in the front of the line ordering when we got there. Based on their clothes and ages, they were obviously from Jasper and involved in the same tournament. Between us in line was an older gentleman. As Jasper Dad was rattling off their order to the cashier he finished with, “and whatever this gentleman wants,” as he pointed to the older gentleman between us. After some back and forth about who was going to pay for what, the older gentleman conceded and allowed Jasper Dad to pay for his sandwich.

After my son and I ordered and the older gentleman had left with his sandwich, we stopped by the Jasper family’s table where I thanked the dad for his kind act. We talked briefly about how the tournament was going, and then left them to enjoy their meal. I made sure my son knew what had happened at that Subway and how important it is for us to treat each other with that kind of kindness.

So again Jasper Dad, thank you for what you did in the Huntingburg Subway on a snowy winter day. I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself, but I almost certainly would have forgotten your name by now even if I had. Your act of kindness has stuck with me though, and I’m proud to share your story in the hope it inspires more of us treat each other with that kind of compassion.

—Shawn Dooley

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