Acceptance of homosexual practices will destroy church

To the editor:

Man-man sex is the problem in the Catholic Church. Pope Francis remains silent because he has no objection to it. For the pope the present commotion is merely a public relations problem. The best course is to remain silent and see if his attack dogs can kill the problem causers.

When it comes to man-boy sex with underage adolescents, the church’s position is that illicit man-boy sex will no longer be concealed, but rather simply referred to civil authority. Fair warning is given.

It looks like Pope Francis plans to eventually drop the church’s objection to man-man sex and change celibacy rules to eliminate the prohibition of sexual relations. Notice that the diocesan newspapers avoid the words homosexuality and pederasty when discussing this scandal. It’s PR all the way down.

There is opposition forming within the church to what Pope Francis is doing, but the man-man-sex clergy and their supporters in the church have the upper hand. Every member of the clergy advanced by Pope Francis is with him on this.

If the man-man-sex faction wins out — and it will — the church will become irrelevant and just another piece of “dubious cultural junk.” It’s been the Communist plan all along.

Says philosopher Bill Vallicella: “It [the church] is in the world but not of it. It is a rebuke to it and cannot be secularized without being destroyed.”

The acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle will destroy the church.

—Mike Gramelspacher Jr.

Note: This letter has been edited since it was originally posted.

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