A tale of two counties

To the editor:

I accepted my first job as a kindergarten teacher in Merrill, Wisconsin. In my class was a little blond boy named Michael Lee, son of Dave and Katie Lee. They lived on Row Road on the northern edge of Merrill. Dave’s parents had purchased acres of land there many years before.

In 1959, Dave, a mason, built a simple brick home for Katie and his “growing” family.

After four and a half years, due to a Gambles transfer, Jim and I moved away. In 1983, again, because of Gambles, we settled in Jasper.

Every summer, I went back to Wisconsin to visit family and friends. By 2011, there were five homes on Row Road — all Lees to visit!

Spring of 2011, Lincoln County had a Midstate corridor go through, destroying and severely damaging everything in its path. The Lee’s home was leveled. This was due to an EF3 tornado. Not man’s destruction, but the wrath of nature. Dave and Katie could rebuild because they owned the land. And they did! Another brick home using the same foundation — more convenient for a couple in their 70s.

Now in 2020, Dave is 80, Katie will be 80 soon, and in December, they’ll celebrate their 62nd anniversary. Michael Lee and his siblings are grandparents! Time has flown by.

Since 1983, I’ve been in awe of Dubois County. If I elaborate, I’ll use up my word count to press forward against the Mid-States Corridor.

We are now facing the possibility of a man-made EF3 tornado hitting us with vengeance. Even the land will be taken. Reimbursed, yes. But stolen.

The sponsors have their own agenda. Ignoring our pleas, they push forward.

If the industry has a fine product, the buyer will wait for delivery. What’s the hurry? What do these sponsors want? Is 30 pieces of silver jingling in their pocket worth destruction?

We’ve observed many improvements to our roads. Ways in and out — Petersburg to 69, 231, I-64. Use them.

We don’t need or want this corridor. Find a better solution! Please!

Leave Dubois County alone!

— Marlene Truesdale-Greener

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