A response to John Blair's letter criticizing Riverview Energy

To the editor:

I want to give a shout out to those Hoosiers who have notified me of the editorial letters John Blair (The Herald, March 26, 2020), a former photojournalist posing as an environmental and engineering expert, is distributing throughout southern Indiana.

I agree with the sentiment from others that it is disgusting and pathetic that during this time of worldwide crisis, Blair is hard at work stirring up fear of highly remote scenarios about Riverview Energy, and questioning my own competency regarding the energy industry and global business.

It is also a shame that Blair would use this time in our history to denigrate Spencer County’s and the Town of Dale’s firefighters and emergency management responders — suggesting they are incapable of performing their jobs.

While I laughed at Blair’s mockery of me, which was based on his own brand of exquisite ignorance, my reaction to Blair’s words about Spencer County’s first responders was very different.

I was red-faced angry with his remarks about Spencer County’s and Dale’s emergency-response professionals. I’ve met with these individuals, and I have been highly impressed and I am completely confident in their capabilities to serve and protect their community. I have not seen a more professional and prepared group of first responders. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank them — may the Lord bless them in these trying times. We need them more than ever before!

As people throughout Indiana and the Unites States are wondering how they’ll pay their mortgages and rents, put food on the table for their families, and keep their loved ones safe from this pandemic threat  — Blair is busy creating desperate opportunities to keep himself relevant.

I hope Blair will search out more productive ways to invest his frustration at being on the losing side of the debate, and instead invest it in doing what many others — like Riverview Energy — are doing these days: Supporting those who are on the frontlines and in the trenches battling COVID-19. 

Let’s all keep ourselves, our families and our neighbors safe and healthy during this crisis. When it is over, Riverview Energy will continue on its path to bringing thousands of construction jobs and more than 200 permanent jobs to the Spencer County region.

In the interim, let’s all pray for John Blair. He clearly needs it.

—Greg Merle
President, Riverview Energy

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