A letter from the burgermeister

"Friendliness in words creates trust,

Friendliness in thought creates depth,

Friendliness in giving creates Love.“

(Laotse, Chinese Philosopher from the 6th Century B.C.)

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

During this Corona-Year, everything is different. No Schneckenfest (Snail Festival), no concerts, no get-togethers, hardly any sport events, no Christmas celebrations, little and very uncertain vacations, and everywhere one goes we fear an invisible danger.

And just because of that it is so important, that not everything has to change, but still most will remain with us.

Our values and our attitude have to remain. When I read what the Chinese Philosopher from the 6th Century BC thought and said about the subject of friendliness, I am impressed. I think friendliness is an important life attitude for all of us.

Friendliness doesn’t just build trust, but also respect. It creates not only recognition, but strength and energy.

People with friendly thoughts, don’t just have depth in them, but can also easily think along with people who aren’t their friends.

There is reason to confront unfriendliness with friendliness, dispute with serenity, pessimism with optimism; and once of a sudden we contribute a value to the world.

Friendliness in giving — this is so important in these days, during which not everything should be materialistic.

Giving today means holding together and to stand up with discipline for the society by taking responsibility for your own health and for others.

When we confront Corona with friendliness, the battle with this pandemic will be much easier instead of crying along with the complainers and counter thinkers of our society.

With these thoughts I want to wish you and your families a friendly Christmas celebration and a friendly and healthy new year. I want to Thank all for your cooperation throughout the past year and your understanding for the many decisions we had to make in reference to the pandemic.

Yours Bürgermeister

—Dieter Hahn
Mayor of Pfaffenweiler, Germany, Jasper's Sister City

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