$280,000 to fix someone else’s mistake is not common sense

To the editor:

Common sense: ordinary, practical, good sense. (Webster’s Dictionary)

Where is the common sense? The situation at Beaver Lake is lacking common sense.

Someone decided that $3.3 million needed to be spent because if 26 inches of rain fell in eight hours, the dam may fail. OK, let’s say that again: 26 inches of rain in eight hours. In what universe would that happen? But fix it they did, or did they?

As it turns out, the lake is approximately 12 inches lower after the “fix” than before. So what would common sense dictate? Have the company whose incompetent engineers screwed this up fix it correctly at its expense.

But no, Brian McKenna from Christopher Burke Engineering (who is paying them?) says it will cost $280,000 to fix this (I hope).

So what does Dave Hurst, the water commissioner, say? He doesn’t have a problem with that.
Of course not. That is the water customers’ money you are slinging because the money will come from the water utility budget. The water utility budget has enough money to spend $280,000 and not feel the crunch?

This is truly not just my opinion. There are many, many people, fellow water customers, who are sick and tired of having to pay for everyone’s screw ups.

There is no way the customer should foot this bill. This is not our responsibility; it is the responsibility of the construction company who did the work and whatever idiot drew up the plans. There is no accountability anymore. Screw it up? That’s OK. Let the poor water customers pay for it. Nobody at the city utilities has the nerve to speak “common sense.”

—Mark Hopster

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