22% of county households have not filled out census


Most households in Dubois County have completed the 2020 Census, but there is a segment that hasn’t responded yet.

“What’s holding you back? Do you have a question or complaint? Let’s talk about it,” said Becky Beckman, head of the Dubois County census committee. “We all need to be counted. It hurts our community if you aren’t.”

In Dubois County, 77.7% of households have completed the form. That leaves 22.3% that hasn’t responded.

“You’re defeating the purpose if you aren’t counted,” Beckman said. She encourages those who have questions to call her at 812-482-9892.

The response rates for Dubois County’s municipalities are 79% for Jasper, 78% for Ferdinand, 68.9% each for Holland and Huntingburg, and 61.4% for Birdseye.

The percentages for townships within the county, from highest to lowest, are:

• Madison: 85.5%

• Jackson: 84.3%

• Hall: 84.2%

• Boone: 83.7%

• Ferdinand: 81.4%

• Bainbridge: 78.7%

• Harbison: 77.8%

• Cass: 77.5%

• Jefferson: 73.3%

• Marion: 72%

• Patoka: 71.5%

• Columbia: 68%

Indiana ranks 10th in the country with its response rate, which is now at 65.1%. Dubois County ranks first in the state and is tied for 18th in the country among counties.

To see the percentages and rankings for communities locally and around the country, visit https://2020census.gov/en/response-rates.html.

The local census committees — in the county, Jasper and Huntingburg — are participating in an online Census Reminder Day on Monday. On that day, community leaders and committee members plan to post on social media pages reminders to fill out the census.

The Regional Census Center is also asking everyone to help promote completing the census. From Monday, June 1, to Monday, June 8, people are asked to add a census frame to their Facebook profile picture and census filters to their Snapchat, a census spokeswoman said Thursday. Community leaders and those who have completed the census can also post comments to encourage people to complete the form. Hashtags like #2020Census, #IndianaCounts and #DuboisCountyCounts can also be added, the spokeswoman said.

To complete the census online, click here. If you do not have a Census ID number, select “If you do not have a Census ID” at the beginning of the questionnaire.

To complete the census by phone, call 844-330-2020 for English or 844-468-2020 for Spanish.

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