2021 Jasper Strassenfest Results

Kylie Schepers/The Herald
Camille Temple, 9, of Jasper participates in the Dad's Rootbeer Stein Holding Contest at the Jasper Strassenfest on Thursday.

By Herald Staff

JASPER — These are the results of events that took place during the Strassenfest, which was Thursday through Sunday of last week. They are published as submitted.

Strassenfest Pageant:

Miss Strassenfest: Katelynn Stemle

Miss 1st Runner-up: Sarah Obermeier

Miss 2nd Runner-up: Amelia Kiefer

Miss Photogenic: Grace Kizior

Miss Congeniality: Amelia Kiefer

Jr. Miss Strassenfest: Andyn Lampert

Jr. Miss 1st Runner-up: Zoie Warner

Jr. Miss 2nd Runner-up: Lauren Mundy

Miss Photogenic: Andyn Lampert

Miss Congeniality: Ava Biggs

Little Miss: Hannah Schnarr

Little Mister: Mason DeMoore

Little Miss 1st runner up: Charlotte Hoffman

Little Mister 1st runner up: Kaiden Roth

Little Miss 2nd runner up: Sophie Schepers

Little Mister 2nd runner up: Lucien Seckinger

Little Miss Best German Attire: Elloise Temple

Little Mister Best German Attire: Simon Schoenbachler

Wettlauf 5k:

Male — Top finisher: Abe Eckman, age 17, 15:23.0. Age 10 and under: first, William Schipp, 28:13.9; second, Sam Schaefer, 31:16.4; third, Liam Ward, 31:57.6. Ages 10 to 14: first, Chase Wildman, 19:47; second, Kyle Wiehler, 20:29.2; third, Calvin Seitz, 21:13.3; fourth, Griffin Downes, 21:46.2. Ages 15 to 19: first, Jaryn Weinel, 16:35.0; second, Dylan Bland, 16:37.3; third, Harrison Hulsman, 17:12.5. Ages 20 to 24: first, Cale Kilian, 15:40.7; second, Jackson Krieg, 15:43.8; third, Tristan Backer, 18:01.1. Ages 25 to 29: first, Kory Voelkel, 17:49.5; second, Brian Schmitt, 20:38.9; third, Donald Schepers, 21:14.6. Ages 30 to 34: first, Kade Vogler, 17:13.1; second, Andrew Kieffner, 23:06.2; third, Charles Klein, 25:08.8. Ages 35 to 39: first, Matt Rasche, 18:49.2; second, Kyle Sharmfa, 19:45.5; third, David Fox, 20:34.9. Ages 40 to 44: first, Donny Sermersheim, 20:16.7; second, Kyle Brames, 21:33.1; third, Jason Recker, 21:51.3. Agest 45 to 49: first, John Haas, 24:31.0; second, Jay Matthews, 25:55.3; third, Drew Schmitt, 26:29.5. Ages 50 to 54: first, Mark Sutton, 22:03.3; second, Joe Brocke, 23:19.9; third, Tim Weisenberger, 24:56.9. Agest 55 to 59: first, Glen Schepers, 22:18.5; second, Pat Cassidy, 22:30.7; third, Tom Schwinghammer, 25:39.0. Ages 60 to 64: first, Kurt Voelkel, 23:23.7; second, Larry Grow, 24:24.3; third, Larry Kluemper, 24:38.9. Ages 65 to 69: first, Kent Reyling, 25:55.0; second, John Kluemper, 27.16.6; third, Randy Niehaus, 33:16.3. Age 70 and over: first, Donald Eckstein, 31:42.0; second, Leo Striegel, 47:27.0.

Female — Top finisher: Andi Vanmeter, 18:37.3. Age 10 and under: first, Kaitlyn Leigh, 25:02.7; second, Esther Schnuree, 32:00.3; third, Emmy Schaefer, 33:26.0. Ages 11 to 14: first, Linzi Vanmeter, 20:30.2; second, Andyn Lampert, 21:35.7; third, Cara Jones, 25:50.6. Ages 15 to 19: first, Ally Wigand, 19:38.6; second, Monica Lorey, 21:44.2; third, Paige Wildman, 21.57.3. Ages 20 to 24: first, Maggie Falater, 20:18.0; second, Tara Cassidy, 24:51.7; third, Mariah Seifert, 24:58.3. Ages 25 to 29: first, Sydney Berger, 21:47.6; second, Laura Messmer, 21:57.9; third, Meghan Day, 28.28.7. Ages 30 to 34: first, Leah Seigel, 20:33.1; second, Megan Burger, 22:24.0; third, Haley Ondiek, 23:00.9. Ages 35 to 39: first, Rachel Reckelhoff, 21:34.2; second, Sandra Gilmore, 22:58.3; third, Erin Fuhs, 23:17.8. Ages 40 to 44: first, Audrey Seger, 27:06.8; second, Jamie Jahn, 30:17.6; third, Erika Leigh, 32:02.9. Ages 45 to 49: first, Tara Eckman, 22:03.9; second, Michelle Vanmeter, 23:15.9; third, April Hopf, 29:50.7. Ages 50 to 54: first, Ann Theil, 30:33.2; second, Ann Patterson, 31:38.2; third, Kristy Vaughn, 31:48.2. Ages 55 to 59: first, Melissa Osterman, 26:36.4; second, Glenda Begle, 28:33.3; third, Candy Berger, 31:14.7. Ages 60 to 64: first, Jill Schmitt, 32:13.0; second, Theresa Singer, 38:11.3; third, Roxane Eckerle, 44:39.1. Age 70 and over: first, Eileen Lowery, 37:50.6; second, Lelani Wittwer, 41:15.3.

Dad's Rootbeer Stein Holding Contest:

6-7 Kate

8-9 Victoria

9-10 Bella

11-12 Jocelyn

VU Jasper Hotshot Basketball Contest:

2nd-4th Grade Winners: Phoenix Weyer & Anna Hartings

5th-6th Grade Winners: Eli Hartings & Caroline Burrus

7th-8th Grade Winners: Carter Blome & Clara Noblitt

Adult Winners: Ryan Sullivan & Maddy Jones

WITZ Guitar Pull Contest:

Thursday Aug 5, 7-9 p.m.

1st Place - Seth Thomas

2nd Place - Chris Dixon

3rd Place - Brady Speedy

Chicken Dance Contest:

Thursday - Todd Cassidy

Friday - Chad Duncan

Saturday - Haley Ondiek

Polka Dance Contest:

Thursday - Dave & Janelle Schmitt

Friday - Leo Eckerle & Henrietta Harder

Saturday - Tim & Kelli Schrieber

Stein Holding Contest:

Thursday Women - Tracey Price

Thursday Men - Josa Gonzalez

Friday Women - Bridget Hart

Friday Men - David Griffigh

Saturday Women - Alison Melton

Saturday Men - Aaron Boggs

Kiddie Tractor Pull:

Friday Aug 6, 6:30 p.m.

0-45 lbs Winners

1st Place - Landry Mehringer

2nd Place - Robby Luegers

3rd Place - Kate Hochgesang

4th Place - Lillian Beier

46-60 lbs Winners

1st Place - Zaden Fromme

2nd Place - Quentin Cleaving

3rd Place - Amelia Mariria

4th Place - Kaiden Roth

61-75 lbs Winners

1st Place - Preston Cleaving

2nd Place - Brayton Fromme

3rd Place - Mason DeMoore

4th Place - Karsen Roth

76-100 lbs Winners

1st Place - Caleb McClain

2nd Place - Eli Schwenk

3rd Place - Colton Wiggins

4th Place - Kenley Sermersheim


Strassenfest Award…Presentation for best reinforcement of the German theme (All parade units eligible);

Winner: The Schnitzelbank Restaurant

Honorable Mention: Strassenfest Little Miss & Mister & German American Bank

Heart Warming Award…Presentation for most “warm and fuzzy” entry (All parade units eligible);

Winner: Gudorf Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical

Honorable mention: Indiana Southwest Futbol Club, Sandi Bair - Miniature Horses & Friends

Community Award…Presentation for the most positive statement on the community

Winner: Old National Bank / Jasper Baseball Team

Honorable Mention: Jasper Fire Dept, Dance Central Academy

Chairman’s Award…Presented to the business float entry that exhibits the best overall excellence in design, construction, and creativity

Winner: Imagine a Time/OFS

Honorable Mention: Home Depot, LAN Construction, Schnucks

Parade Marshals Award…Presented to the non-business float entry that exhibits the best overall excellence in design, construction, and creativity;

Winner: Northwood Retirement

Honorable Mention: Memorial Hospital

Best Shrine Unit:

Winner: Hadi Shriners – Evansville

Honorable Mention: Hiram’s Hotrods, Hoosier Hillbillies

Baby Photo Contest:

1st - Evelyn Delaney Hand, child of Evan & Amie Hand 2nd Annie Messier, child of Nick & Abby Messier

3rd - Ella Olinger, child of Kade & Aubree Olinger

4th - Aubree Reuber, child of Briare & Katie Reuber

5th - Leo Lottes, child of Josh & Caitlin Lottes

6th - Charli Voelkel, child of Kory & Bree Voelkel

7th - Naomi Lee, child of Angel Lee

8th - Elliott Thimling, child of Adam & Mallory Thimling 9th Tauren Messmer, child of Logan & Laura Messmer 10th Emma Weyer, child of Drew & Jill Weyer

11th - Charlotte Rees, child of Kent & Abby Rees

12th - Jett Fleck, child of Matt & Erica Fleck

13th - Ariel Kahle, child of Jordan & Jessica Kahle

14th - Eleanor Shepherd, child of Kirk & Lydia Shepherd 15th Addelyn & Oakley Fiscus, children of Trevor & ShyAnne Fiscus

Participation winners:

Owen Hochgesang, child of Chris & Lindsay Hochgesang

Lyncoln Noelle Baker, child of Baileigh Baker


Aug 7

Grade K-2

1st - Hard Targets

2nd - No Fowl Play

3rd - Saints

Grade 3-5

1st - Dodgeball All-Stars

2nd - DC Dodgers

3rd - Hot Dodgers

Grade 6-8

1st - Dirty Dodgers

2nd - Irish Bullets

3rd - NBA Bandits


Aug. 7

1st Kenny Schnell

2nd Lester Sickbert

3rd John Werner

4th Jim Hildebrand

5th Roger Verkamp

6th Jim Hochgesang

7th Jerry Wilz

8th Leroy Bleemel

9th Ralph Werner

Trike Rennen:


Ages 3-4

1st - Aiden Haase

2nd - Evan Schmidt

3rd - Nolan Edmister

Ages 5-6

1st - Carlie Haase

2nd - Bryce Seger

3rd - Owen Schmidt

Ages 7-8

1st - Will Bueltel

2nd - Ethan Dupps

3rd - Carys Voegerl

Log Sawing:

Aug. 5

Women's Division

1st Place - D & D - Julie Dieus & Kristi Durcholz

2nd Place - Wood Peckers - Amelia Kiefer & Grace Kizior

Men's Division

1st Place - The Spliters - Kaleb Werner & Mitchell Werner

2nd Place - Angry Beavers - Nathen Block & Mark Hoffman


Aug. 7

Best Decorates - The Lucky Camo's - Kelsey Merkel, Joyce Kern, DeeAnn Hall, Leanne Epple, Jill Collon

1st Place - Sloppy 6 - Glen Hopf, Becky Hopf, Yvonne Nichols, Jerry Nichols, Jennie Richardson, Dan Richardson

2nd Place - Figure It Out - Amy Wininger, Jack Wininger, Reese Sexton, Steve Wininger

3rd Place - Jet Jons - Melanie Arehart, Andy Arehart, Doug Fischer, Andrea Fischer


Aug. 7

1st Place - Marissa Bradley

2nd Place - Dispel

3rd Place - DCA Junior Clogging Team

Car/Jeep/Motorcycle Show:

Aug. 7


Best of Show Car -Larry Frederick

Best of Show Truck - John Weis


1963 Willys

1st Place - Gene Kiefner


1st Place - Greg Vonderheide

2nd Place - Jesse Wehr


1st Place - Randy & Sandy Simpson

2nd Place - Brain Clark

Best of Show - Randy Simpson


Super Antique

1st Place - Nolan Uebelhor

2nd Place - Gary Hall


1st Place - Adam Schnellenberger

2nd Place - Ed Walston


1st Place - Chris Roberts

2nd Place - Bob Eckert


1st Place - Jimmy WIlliams

2nd Place - Gary Ferguson


1st Place - Stan Meyer

2nd Place - Stacey Rueber


1st Place - Tim Montgomery

Best of Show - Jimmy Williams

Chili & Wings Cookoff:

Aug. 7

Chili Winners by Judges

1st Place - Grey Cat Vinyl Concepts

2nd Place - Knock the Worst

3rd Place - Portersville Boys

4th Place - Slap Your Mama

Chili Winners by People's Choice

1st Place - Knock the Worst

2nd Place - Portersville Boys

3rd Place - Grey Cat Vinyl Concepts

4th Place - Slap Your Mama


1st Place - Portersville Boys

Strassenfest Golf Scramble at Buffalo Trace:

Friday, Aug. 6

1st Place - Nathan Wagner, Zach Erny, JT Stenftenagel, John Mattingly

2nd Place - Brett Smith, Ben Schmitt, Chris Schmitt, Don Mattingly

3rd Place - Mitch Huebner, Matt Kuper, Max Mendel, Ryan Brames

Saturday, Aug 7, a.m.

1st Place - Eric Dall, K. O'Brien, J.R. Delaney, Mike Sheehan

2nd Place - Jason Ahlbrand, Todd Hurst, Chris Vogler, Alex Simmers

3rd Place - Steve Casper, Scott Hohler, Jeremy Schaeffer, Graham Giesler

Saturday, Aug 7, p.m.

1st Place - Jason Hulsman, Mike Hilbert, Paul Hilbert, Zach Blanchard

2nd Place - Tony Hurst, Caleb Hurst, Hubson Schmitt, Joe Kemper

3rd Place - Jeff Sanders, Greg Wineinger, Jacob Kiefer, Ron Schitter

Sunday, Aug 8

1st Place - Jeremy Ziegler, Brian T, Andy K, Jim Weyer

2nd Place - Joe Hedinger

3rd Place - Len Eckert, Carl Eckert, Gary Cobin, Mike Schitter

Das Kinderspiel:

Aug. 7

Age 4

1st place - Harrison Schwenk

2nd place - Fitz Schaeffer

3rd place - Grayson Wigand

Age 5

1st place - Hunter Hayes

2nd place - Leyton Gibson

3rd place - Rueger Mitchell

Age 6

1st place - Henry Knies

2nd place - Beckett Nowotarski

3rd place - Cora Hulsman

Age 7

1st place - Brandon Kieser

2nd place - Parker Frick

3rd place - Carys Voegerl

Grand prize winner REM Bicycle: Hunter Hayes, age 5

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