Donations sought as K-9 program reactivates with Gogel

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The Dubois County Sheriff’s Office is reactivating its K-9 program.

Deputy Clint Gogel will be the new K-9 officer, the sheriff’s office announced today, and donations are being sought for a new, dual-purpose dog.

In a media release, the sheriff’s office says it is continually striving to meet the needs of our citizens and provide professional services for our community. In 2018, the sheriff’s office saw the retirement of K-9 Judge and, according to Sgt. Stuart Wilson, K-9 Karma will soon reach retirement age. With the ever-increasing presence and use of drugs in our community, as well as violence and property crimes, the sheriff’s office would like to keep the K-9 program alive and viable, Wilson said.

Gogel, a 10-year veteran of the department, will be new the deputy paired with a K-9 partner. Gogel’s service has included being an Emergency Response Team sniper and a field training officer. He is also a first responder and firefighter on the Ireland Volunteer Fire Department.

Wilson said a new dual-purpose dog will greatly expand the sheriff’s office’s capabilities, allowing it to quickly detect controlled substances in places like schools and businesses, as well as in vehicles. The new sheriff’s office K-9 will be used during traffic stops, consent searches, searches related to arrest, as well as searches pursuant to a search warrant, Wilson said, adding that the K-9 will continue to increase the efficiency of the sheriff’s office.

Wilson said a trained K-9’s acute sense of smell can help it search a location for drugs in a fraction of the time it would take an officer. Furthermore, he added, the sheriff’s office’s K-9 will also be trained to assist in the tracking of lost persons and the apprehension of fleeing suspects.

Due to county budget constraints, Wilson said, the sheriff’s office must seek donations from community members, civic groups and businesses in order to afford the continuing costs and purchasing of a new K-9 and equipment. All donations will be put toward the purchase and training of the new K-9 to aid the sheriff’s office in the fight in illegal drug activity in Dubois County.

Any and all donations will be helpful in our efforts, Wilson said. Those interested in contributing to the cause can contact Gogel at 812-639-9950 or Detective Jesus Monarrez at 812-639-2214.

“We would like to thank any and all who continue to support this agency and our community,” Wilson said in the release.

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