Cop helps find dog missing since September

By The Associated Press

TERRE HAUTE — After nearly five months, a missing dog tricked by a police officer finally has been recovered in Indiana.

A Terre Haute officer with a home video system spotted Anni eating from his trash. He called the owners and caught the Shetland sheepdog after a few tries by using food to lure her into a large trap.

Jami Lewis-Martin tells the Tribune-Star that she cried when she got the news last week. The lost dog was well-known around Terre Haute because more than 3,000 flyers were posted around the city. Anni escaped in September from a veterinarian’s office.

The officer turned down the $1,000 reward. The Martins will donate the money so police dogs can get safety vests.

Lewis-Martin says she never gave up hope. She says, “You don’t give up on family.”

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