Let Them Eat Fruitcake

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    Former professional wrestling superstar Mick Foley held up his plate with the 1-pound fruitcake for a photograph on his own iPhone to post to his Twitter account before the start of the 2013 International Fruitcake Eating Championship at the Santa Claus American Legion last Saturday. Foley was one of seven contestants in the competition. The event organizer, Kevin Klosowski of SantaÕs Candy Castle in Santa Claus, said that several fruitcakes were taste tested before GrandmaÕs Fruit & Nut cake from the Beatrice Bakery Co. in Beatrice, Neb., was selected for the contest. Dave Weatherwax/The Herald

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    As a joke, Foley carried a pumpkin into the room during the contestantsÕ introductions before the contest and thanked the organizer for inviting him to the pumpkin-pie-eating contest. Dave Weatherwax/The Herald

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    Nearly 75 people braved the wintry driving conditions to attend the contest. Dave Weatherwax/The Herald

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    Amy Knight of Cannelton, left, Foley, Kyle ÒThe HammerÓ Hanner of St. Louis and Ryan Ficklin of Petersburg raced against both the clock and each other to eat a 1-pound fruitcake. Hanner, who has been competing in food contests for about a year, won the contest by eating the cake in 2 minutes, 58 seconds. Dave Weatherwax/The Herald

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    Friends of contestant Amy Knight of Cannelton, Jerome Adams of Hawesville, Ky., left, his son Parker, 10, and KnightÕs daughter Hope, 10, watched the competition. Dave Weatherwax/The Herald

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    Amy Knight of Cannelton, left, pleaded to the judges that she didnÕt know where the fruitcake came from while next to her Foley emptied cake out of his pockets. Foley resorted to playful tactics during the competition and attempted to rid his plate of his fruitcake in any way he could except by eating it, including ditching a large portion of it onto KnightÕs plate. Dave Weatherwax/The Herald

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    Brian Chandler of Santa Claus scarfed down his fruitcake in 4 minutes, 44 seconds. This was the second year he competed in the contest, and his time was good enough for third place. Dave Weatherwax/The Herald

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    Herald reporter Joe Jasinski, second from left, belted out a ÒHo, ho, hoÓ to signal that he had finished his fruitcake in 11 minutes, 43 seconds. The wintry weather that blew into the area the day before didnÕt cause the competition to be canceled, but it did keep some of the competitors from making the trip. Jasinski, who had never participated in an eating contest before, stepped in to fill one of the empty spots. Dave Weatherwax/The Herald

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    The judges gathered to determine the official times and winners. Penalties could be applied to any contestant who violated any of the rules. Dave Weatherwax/The Herald

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    Foley used his iPhone to take a self-portrait while holding his trophy for best attire following the contest. Foley also received trophies for fan favorite and placing fourth. Dave Weatherwax/The Herald