Fiddling on Stage

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    Beth Seidl of Jasper auditioned for the role of Golde in the Actors Community Theatre’s production of “Fiddler on the Roof” at the Jasper Arts Center on May 12. Beth has been involved with ACT on and off since 1975, although most of her work has been done behind the stage curtain. Every once in a while, she tries out for a part that suits her. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Molly Rupert of Jasper, left, and Beth shared a laugh upon trying on their costumes for the first time on July 10. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Beth, left, and Jasmine Ruckriegel, both of Jasper, shared a moment while working to build and paint the stage sets for the production on June 15. Ruckriegel served as director for the play and both women are on the board of directors for ACT. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Jill Hasenour of St. Anthony, left, received direction from the director as she rehearsed lines with Beth at the arts center on June 18. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Beth portrayed a frightened Golde in a nightmare scene during rehearsal July 10. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Several of the cast members, including Beth, far right, rehearsed a scene July 16. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Beth, third from right, and the cast gathered for a prayer before the final dress rehearsal July 17. Rachel Mummey/The Herald