Buck Shots: Area Hunters and Their Bucks

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    9-year-old Katelynn Fehribach of Birdseye took her first buck, a 6-pointer, and a doe at her home in Crawford County on Nov. 22 with an H&R .44.

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    Bryce Merkel, 10, of Celestine, claimed a doe during shotgun season on his aunt’s land in Haysville.

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    Dubois resident Nikki Haefling claimed an 11-point buck Dec. 19 in Dubois County using a muzzleloader.

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    Ferdinand resident Mark Rahman shot this 11-pointer with a muzzleloader Dec. 17 in Spencer County. The buck was field dressed at 195 pounds.

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    Steven Pace of St. Anthony, 8, shot his first deer Nov. 16 hunting with his father on family property in Dubois County. He shot his spike buck while using a H&R .357 Maximum rifle.

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    Kortney Ruhe of Jasper, 12, bagged her first deer, an 8-point buck, on Nov. 29 in Martin County using a muzzleloader.

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    Hunter Potts of Dubois used a muzzleloader to claim his first doe Dec. 8 in Dubois.

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    Chad Neukam, formerly of Dubois, harvested a 9-point, 180-pound buck in Montgomery County on Nov. 18 using a High Country bow.

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    7-year old Carter Harris of Holland claimed the third deer of his young hunting career Nov. 16 in Dubois County. Harris bagged the deer with a .44-caliber rifle.

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    Tracy Lampert used a muzzleloader to claim a 10-point buck Dec. 16 on family property near Jasper. Tracy is pictured with his son Jack.

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    Carter Gentry of Jasper, 13, claimed his first deer Nov. 16 while hunting with his father on family property in Spencer County. Gentry nabbed the 6-point buck with a 12-gauge Remingon 870.

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    Kade Olinger of St. Anthony harvested a 9-pointer Nov. 23 in Perry County with a .44-magnum rifle.

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    Nick Buechlein of Ireland, 11, took a button buck Nov. 27 in Dubois County with .44-caliber rifle.

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    Gerry Wessel shot this 10-pointer Dec. 18 in Martin County using a muzzleloader.

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    Colin Leinenbach bagged this 8-point buck on a morning hunt in Dubois County.

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    Dubois resident Steve Dodd took this 9-point buck with a 22-inch inside spread during archery season in Dubois County.

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    9-year-old Aidan Dodd of Dubois took this 6-point buck during archery season in Dubois County. This was his first deer with a crossbow.

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    Garrett Atkins of Ferdinand bagged this buck Nov. 16 in Crawford County using a .44 Magnum.

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    Steve Fuhs of Jasper took down a 10-point buck Nov. 16 in Stendal using a .12-gauge shotgun.

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    Mia Smith of Dubois harvested a 9-pointer Nov. 21 in Dubois County. It was her third deer and first buck.

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    Josh Thombleson harvested a 10-pointer Nov. 16 in Dubois County.

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    Michael Watson of Dubois claimed this deer Nov. 16 hunting in Orange County. The 8-pointer weighed 210 pounds field dressed.

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    Keregyn Masterson of Jasper, 13, shot her first buck Nov. 16 in Dubois County on opening day of firearms season. The 10-point buck was field dressed at 195 pounds.

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    Dillion Ramsey of Huntingburg, a junior at Southridge High School, bagged a 9-point buck Nov. 16 in Huntingburg with a single-shot .44-caliber rifle. Dillion is a student at Southridge High School.

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    Chad Ramsey of Huntingburg took an 8-point buck Nov. 15 in Huntingburg using a bow.

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    Ivan Smith claimed this 14-point buck Nov. 17 in Dubois County.

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    Drew Schneider of Jasper, 11, shot his first deer, a button buck, Nov. 30 in Cuzco. He used a 20-gauge shotgun while hunting with his uncle, Jeff Dupps.

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    Noah Goeppner of Huntingburg dropped his first deer Nov. 24 in Spencer County, using a 20-gauge shotgun.

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    Ryan Smith of Jasper took this 10-point 215-pound buck Nov. 9 in Kentucky.

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    Daughter and father Celeste and Bill Hochgesang of Celestine both bagged deer hunting recently in Crawford County. Celeste claimed her 8-pointer on Sunday, while Bill claimed a 10-pointer Nov. 24.

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    10-year-old Corbin Begle shot his first deer Nov. 21 at Portersville, claiming the 10-point, 190-pound buck with a youth .20-gauge shotgun.

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    Reese Blackgrove of Ferdinand, 12, shot his first buck, a 4-point half rack, Nov. 29 in Martin County using a .44-caliber rifle. He was hunting with friend and neighbor Gerry Wessel.

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    13-year-old Zach Hoffman of Ferdinand scored two deer, a 5-point buck as well as a doe, while hunting in Perry County with his father, Kevin, on Nov. 16.

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    Karen Hoffman of Ferdinand took a 6-point buck Nov. 23 while hunting in Perry County with her stepson, Zach Hoffman.

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    Danielle Wagner of Jasper, 22, bagged a 9-point buck Nov. 16 in Crawford County.

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    Jasper resident Kennedie Margarida claimed this deer Nov. 25 hunting in Dubois County.

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    Jerome Nordhoff of Jasper took down a 9-point buck Nov. 18 in Dubois County.

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    12-year-old Logan Tucker of French Lick got his first deer Nov. 23 in Eckerty. It was a 7-point, 160-pound buck, and Tucker used a .44 Magnum rifle.

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    8-year-old Alex Hardin of Ireland shot his first deer, a button buck, with a .410 gauge shotgun Nov. 16 in Pike County.

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    Olivia Hinkle, 14, bagged a 165-pound 8-pointer Nov. 16 at her family’s property in French Lick.

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    Alex Hohl of St. Henry took down an 8-pointer Nov. 22 outside of Huntingburg. He used a .44-caliber rifle. Hohl is pictured with his son, Ambrose.

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    Leah Luebbehusen of Jasper claimed her first deer Oct. 25 at Celestine.

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    Hunter Stork of Jasper, 7, took his first buck Nov. 16 at Haysville.

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    Brad Stork of Jasper claimed this deer Nov. 8 at Patoka Lake.

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    13-year-old Dalie Wibbeler of Holland shot a 3-point buck on her first hunt Nov. 16 in Warrick County. She used a .50-caliber muzzleloader.

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    Mike Dooley of Jasper bagged an 11-point buck Nov. 16 near Dubois. Dooley is pictured with grandchildren Grace, left, Claire and Alex Dooley.

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    Jasper resident Jason Messmer claimed an 11-point buck Nov. 18, using a muzzleloader on his property in Pike County.

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    Paige Englert of Bretzville shot her first deer, a 9-pointer, with a muzzleloader Nov. 16 in Dubois County.

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    10-year-old Seth Hartwick of Jasper took this 6-point buck Nov. 16 in Spencer County with a Mossberg 20-gauge shotgun.

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    Jami Englert of Dubois claimed this 7-point buck on her grandmother’s farm in Wickliffe on Saturday.

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    11-year old Aden Bartley of Ireland took his first deer, an 8-point buck, on Saturday using a 44-caliber rifle.

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    16-year-old Kelcie Hassfurther shot this 6-point buck with a 20-gauge shotgun Saturday in Celestine.

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    Kendra Merkel, 21 and of Dubois, shot her first buck, a 9-pointer, on Saturday and won a biggest buck contest out of 57 people.

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    Ireland resident Jake Lampert bagged a 13-point buck Sunday in Dubois County.

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    Wyatt Neukam, 14 and from Dubois, took an 8-pointer Sunday at Neukam-Bauer farm in Dubois.

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    Jasper resident Kerry Kinder shot this 10-pointer Nov. 10 on his property in Holland. The deer weighed 198 pounds field dressed and has an expected rack score around 140.

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    Bert Kinder of Jasper took this deer with a shotgun at his land in Holland on Sunday. It was a 10-pointer with split brow tines.

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    Luke Rasche of Huntingburg bagged this buck Nov. 5 in Spencer County. The deer was field dressed at 213 pounds.

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    10-year-old Logan Lampert took an 8-point, 200-pound buck with a crossbow Nov. 4 near his home in Jasper.

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    Matt Underwood used a cross bow to claim this 9-point buck Nov. 7 in Pike County.

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    Jasper resident Matthew Freyberger nabbed an 11-point buck with a Parker Thunderhawk Crossbow on Nov. 3 at Cuzco.

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    12-year-old Colin Lane of Birdseye scored this 192-pound 10-pointer with a a muzzle loader during youth season Sept. 29 in Lawrence County.

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    Craig Cook, formerly of Jasper, bagged a 9-pointer on opening day of bowhunting season while hunting in Pike County.

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    Carter Persohn, 9, of Schnellville, took a 5-point, 135-pound buck with a cross bow on his grandfather’s farm Oct. 27 in Wickliffe.

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    Wickliffe resident Diane Fuhrman took this 8-point deer with a Bowtech compound bow Oct. 30 in Dubois.

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    Matt Werner of Ireland shot this 10-pointer with a Mathews Switchback bow Oct. 27 in Dubois County.

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    9-year-old Luke Rickelman of Ferdinand shot his first buck, a 7-pointer, on Sept. 28 during youth season in Spencer County. Luke used a 44-caliber rifle while hunting with his father, Ben.

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    Josh Leonard of Jasper bagged a 9-point buck with an arrow in Butler County, Ky., on Sept. 14.

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    Bryor Shipman, 12, of French Lick, shot his first deer on the first morning of youth weekend in Dubois. Shipman used a 44-caliber rifle to take down the 7-point buck.