Brewed At Home

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    Patmore sampled a chocolate stout on tap at Snaps restaurant and bar in Jasper during a monthly meeting of the Dubois County Suds Club in April. When testing, Patmore looks for clarity, the head on the beer and overall color. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Patmore hauled a sack of grain to his car after a shopping trip to Southern Indiana Butcher Brewer BBQ Supply in Ferdinand on March 28. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Patmore measured grains while preparing to brew at his Celestine home April 5. Patmore said brewing beer is like following a recipe in that different beers require varying amounts of grains. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    While steadily stirring the boil kettle April 5 at his garage, Patmore adjusted the heat. The process requires careful attention to the heat, which must remain contestant. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Patmore pitched yeast into the plastic carboy holding unfermented beer April 5 at home in Celestine. The yeastÕs duty Ñ to mix with sugar over a two-week period, creating alcohol. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Using a device called a refractometer, Patmore checked the gravity of the wort while brewing April 5. The reading is used to determine the alcohol content of the beer. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Patmore filtered beer in the garage of his Celestine home April 5. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    During the Garden Gate Jazz, Wine and Craft Beer Festival in Huntingburg in April, Patmore, left, and Darren Patterson of Jasper distributed free samples of a variation of PatmoreÕs award-winning vanilla porter. Patmore and Patterson were representing the Dubois County Suds Club. The vanilla porter, which Patmore dubbed Princess Xanat Black Flower Porter, has a 7.7 percent alcohol content and won the Suds ClubÕs 2013 PeopleÕs Choice Award. It was also named the top dark beer in this yearÕs Jasper German Club contest. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Patmore, second from left, chatted with Dubois County Suds Club members Donnie Neukam of Haysville before the clubÕs April meeting at Snaps restaurant and bar in Jasper. Patmore joined the club three years ago as a way to connect with the brewing community. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    Patmore pulled a bag of hops from one of several refrigerators at his Celestine home while preparing to brew April 5. Rachel Mummey/The Herald

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    During an April 1 meeting of the Dubois County Suds Club, Wayne Patmore sampled a chocolate stout on tap at Snaps restaurant and bar in Jasper. From his Celestine garage, Patmore has become of the areaÕs foremost brewers of beer. Rachel Mummey/The Herald