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  • They're Booked

    Mason Land of Jasper, 15, left, Bobby Reutman of Celestine, 15, and Austin Sander of Celestine,...
  • In The Name Of The Father

    Ferdinand Elementary School first-grader Nora Welp made the sign of the cross during a...
  • Warm In The Barn

    Randy Schnell laid extra straw for cattle and goats Tuesday at his farm on Jasper-Dubois Road.
  • Spiels Like Christmas

    Noah Lindeman of Ferdinand, 17, left, Aidan Muth of Ferdinand, 18, Lauren Blume of St. Anthony,...
  • Last Of The Leaves

    Volunteers with St. John Bosco Youth Ministries raked the yards of four area residents this weekend.
  • Put On Your Mean Face

    Eli Rasche of Jasper, 6, warmed up during wrestling practice with the Southern Indiana...
  • Getting To Know You

    Viggo Brown of Haysville, 7, left, chatted with Tyler Schmitt of Ireland over a slice of pizza...
  • Brush It Off

    Caroline Kaiser, 11, left, fled from friend Kadon Hurm, 12, as Hurm retaliated in a paint brush...